Introduction to Social Media

IMG_3791The photo above displays one of the many glories of what social media can do. It connects people all around from different backgrounds and allows people to share personal experiences with each other. That photo was taken on a National Team soccer trip to Umag, Croatia that I was able to partake in in January. Our media publicist Timothy Gilli took this photo on an off day in Venice, Italy. Being able to share this photo at a drop of a hat with friends and family back home is a fantastic thing in my opinion. I see that as the most important and most beneficial use of social media as well as building your own brand. In this day in age you can literally become famous by the number of followers you have and based on what you post. I liked that in our first social media class we discussed this heavily because in athletics, this is very important. The types of social media I have used for personal use are FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedn. I use them pretty frequently and given that I am an athlete, I use all these platforms to promote myself for opportunities to meet influential people that could help me with my career as well as share photos and updates on my daily life and what it means to be an athlete. As with everything, with positives comes negatives along with it. Social media can be a nasty place for cyber bullying, we have seen in a spike in as we see social media get more popular as you can see in this article here. As time goes on, I personally will spend more of my free time on social media whether it be on my phone, computer, or even iPad. Kids in this day in age are WAY more prone to use social media given that is how they were raised, and quite frankly, it is very easy to use, manage, and obtain on a basic level. In this article  , it lays out and shows how kids use social media more today than ever. With that being said, I believe it is good for kids to have a basic knowledge of social media due to how prevalent it is in our modern society. During this class I hope to learn how to use social media in a more professional manner and hopefully create my own personal brand that future employers, brands, and people in general can look through and get to know me a bit more, as well as give myself the best opportunity to succeed. In conclusion, I feel like social media could be a great tool to help me along and get those important opportunities!