My Sentence


I make people smile and enjoy what I do.

This assignment was rather challenging! Describing yourself in one sentence and allowing people to read that sentence is a very bold thing. Like a tweet, a status, a profile on any social media platform, that really defines who you are. As I went through this process I did a lot of searching within myself and wanted to come up with such an elaborate sentence. After about an hour or two of pondering and asking friends and family about how I could possibly do this blog post, it finally hit me that simplicity is absolutely genius and in my opinion: Beautiful. In my life I have prioritized three groups that I try to base my life off of. God, Family, and Soccer. These three things are the greatest gifts I have ever been given. God and religion allows my heart to believe in something greater than myself and makes me believe I live for a greater purpose so to speak. Family, the closest support group and my greatest relationship. Soccer, the one thing(that even in the bad times) brings me absolute bliss and pure joy. Soccer has allowed me to travel around the world to a plethora of different countries that not a lot of people have the opportunity of doing while doing what they love. Now, all these things sound fine and good, but they are just words unless put into action. Trying to live my life like this I believe(and so does my mother) that I can put a smile on anyones face. I enjoy talking to people, meeting people, dealing with people, and of course, making people smile. A simple joke, comment(in person or on social media), phone call, or text can change someones mood completely, and I try to implement this idea of making people smile. The next part of my sentence was I enjoy what I do. If you do not enjoy something, well, why do it? Why would you want to have people mad or upset with you, or more importantly, being upset with yourself. Of course there are some necessary evils that we have to do day to day that we don’t enjoy. I’m not really talking about day to day, but more the bigger picture. The most valuable thing we have in life is our time and why would we not want to use every ounce of it to its fullest potential. So whether it be on social media promoting the happy times in your life or simply talking to someone, those can all create happiness for others that sometimes you won’t even see.


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