Last Wednesday for class, we met up in Skutt Student Center for a presentation on using Social Media in correct ways and also being able to measure the process as well making a positive strategy to utilize it to its fullest potential. One thing that I really enjoyed and one of the most useful tools I got out of the presentation was that “Social Media isn’t the Golden Key, it has to be used correctly.” We go over the same principles in regular class sessions, but this presentation was more specified and really targeted speciality Social Media strategies from each individual and individual companies. It was really surprising to me how much research went into each individual plan. They looked at so many different avenues on how they could formulate a plan with the most positive growth component by using the PESO model. The PESO model to me was the literally the foundation of there entire operation. Everything kept going back to the PESO model and every case study that they brought to our attention, also involved the PESO model. The PESO model stands for Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned. A lot of the PESO model has to deal with revenue based off of paid and shared content that is used on any given Social Media platform. At the end of the day everything regarding Social Media along with business, goes back to money and cash revenue for you and your Media campaign. And as the presentation clearly showed instructed by the PESO model, ads provide revenue, which allows more stuff to be shared, which drives more web traffic, and at the end of the day creates awareness and cash flow. In simple terms, these people had it figured out.


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