Ah finally Instagram! The picture below shows my excitement that this is our topic this week! As I have said in my last couple posts, I enjoy using Twitter. But with that being said, my favorite and most used social media platform is definitely without a doubt Instagram. In my opinion, Instagram is the modern-day, modified and simplified Facebook spin-off. Think about it, you post and share photos(Facebook), then you can put a caption to the photo(Facebook status) and then people have the ability to like the photo as well as comment and like it(also Facebook). Anyways, after reading the blogs that were posted I really fell in love with Asos’ social media approach. If you don’t know what Asos is it is a clothing company out of Great Britain that not only has there own brand, but also carries all sorts of different high-end fashion brands. I thought it was interesting on how the blog discussed there very unique spin on social media. The blog explained that Asos uses there social media, not necessarily for just marketing and sales purposes, but to sort of create a fashion blog type of feel. They create a page where people can get ideas for fashion and ideas for what to wear for different occasions. “But things start to get interesting when ASOS puts its stylists to work, giving them each an account associated with the brand.” as the blog states. Allowing the stylist’s to have their own individual freedom I think is very important in an industry such as fashion because in my eyes fashion is another form of art. I don’t think I could really compare my Instagram account to Asos’ because they use there’s mainly for fashion blog purposes, where a personal account is more posting pictures about significant moments in your life and being able to share photos with family and friends. At least that is what my Instagram is used for, and of course, creating my personal brand which is one of the central themes of this class.



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