Interconnectivity of People

In another blog I wrote a couple years ago in highschool, I proposed the question, Are we as a people more social today than ever before, or is it the total opposite? In our day in age, people cannot go 5 minutes without having there phone out to check social media, text messages, emails, etc. Technologies like these I think help everyday life move in a much quicker direction, but I think we fail as a people to use our “off” switch. Having the personal people to people moments are what human beings thrive on, human interaction. The overwhelming aspect of our technology can affect everyone at some point in their day. I know for me personally, it is very difficult to have my phone on me every second of every day. At some point for me, it puts my in this crazy mentality that I am constantly behind on something and am always playing some sort of game like “catch-up”. A lot of my friends that I sort of observed during the weekend and people that I would pay attention to in passing, seemed to be glued to their phones. This type of feeling that you cannot live without something gets back to initial question of “Are we as a people more social today than ever before, or is it the total opposite?” I think this is a legitimate question that I think could be very useful over a discussion with the class. On one hand we are so social all the time, but in contrast, we aren’t social at all(as a total population I think) in the matter of face to face connectivity. Immersion into another person instead of an IIMG_2295.jpgnstagram account. The “JOMO” (Joy of Missing Out) that was on our class blog 2 page, is awesome and is a really cool concept that I’m sure a lot of people and families buy into to try and regain that interconnectivity with people and that person to person interaction that I feel has left us in way now that we are so technology driven. Here is a really cool article I found that kind of backs up what I’m am saying.


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