Positives vs Negatives

I think it’s safe to say that in today’s world, it is heavily influenced by how we are perceived by our, friends, family, and people we don’t even know from atom; online. The number of likes that we get on a status or picture, of how many times someone views a video we share or post, for a lot of people often times will determine their personal self-worth to themselves given that we live in such a digital age. One of the biggest downfalls to this methodology we have created is the lacking of “face-to-face” communication as well as the act of being connected on a personal level, instead of on a cellphone or through a social media account. Through the social media accounts and text messages we send to each other, I believe that we lose out on one of the biggest things that makes us human and that is plain old human interaction and face-to-face contact. This not only I think takes away from the human experience, but also doesn’t allow people to develop the crucial communication skills that is not only necessary for us, but it is also a skill that future employers look at heavily when going through the hiring process. With all this being said, I do think that despite the negatives I have proposed, there are also some positives. Some of the positives being always staying connected as well as always being staying connected to people that you normally would not stay in-touch with. Social media allows us to always be up to date in regards of what people are doing that we are close with, and also, always staying a part of the group. If you decided to stay in one night then and your best friends went out, chances are if you tuned into snapchat you would be able to follow the whole night, which I think in a lot of ways is extremely positive. Here is a link to see the effects of being on our phones too much as social media, just click here.




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