T.V and Radio

I forgot about this assignment and now I am paying the price. Writing in pain from my wisdom tooth operation this afternoon is proving to be a pretty difficult task if I do say so myself. Regardless of my jaw feeling like someone wacked me over the head with an AP stylebook continuously for 8 hours, I enjoyed the first three chapters of our next book; Blur. Two of the main transformations that lead us to this day and age are definitely in the invention of the Television as well as the Radio. These two pieces of technology were frameworks for modern day business and social digital media that we deal with on an every day and almost every minute basis. Radio sort of set the stage for T.V and then T.V did the same for modern day technology. Radio was the first “true” communication tool that allowed people not only a very “personal” means for getting news and entertainment, but also allowed people to express themselves through the radio. To take this even further, next came the T.V. The T.V set the true standard for modern technology. Personal communication just got even more personal because you can physically see who was talking to you. T.V not only created more of a personal communication flow, but more specifically changed the way products were marketed to the American people. Once the T.V came to the market, huge corporations jumped on this as a new way to sell products and make buying things much for convenient for the consumer. These two pieces of technology paved the way for cellphones, desktop computers, laptops, and economic boosts over the years. Here is an article I found that goes more indepth.IMG_2032


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