Right or Wrong?

Placeholder ImageI read this piece and I did not know what to think directly after I read it. I’m kind of shocked because this is the sort of story a lot of people do not want to tell, but when it is told, it is a fantastic piece of journalism. After reading it I had a few questions that I tried to reflect on as much as I could.The first question I had was “Did the way the author write the story make it about getting a message across to people about the realness of children dying, or did she make it more about herself?” This I still can not really find an answer to. She seems like a very sweet lady and seems to have her own personal struggles which I believe she thinks gives her an understanding on how to go about this story. The writing style she used allowed me to think that she was writing to promote herself in a way. It seemed like she kind of used the kid to pump up her own journalistic career. The next question I had was “Did the mother and R.J know really what she was doing?” The only I reason I ask this is because given all the stress that is surrounded for them both could definitely create a lapse in how one could think clearly. I’m not sure if this happened obviously but I could definitely believe it if I found out that it would be true.


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