Wrapping it all up

This class really helped me in so many ways this semester. I did not realize it until the end, but the readings and the books we read really resonated with me. I could go through all of the points that I think go farther than this class, but then I would be writing a paper instead of a short blog post. Carol, you do a fantastic job teaching and the best part is you really care and want us to succeed, in and out of the classroom. I do not have any negatives about this course because it really gives a worldly perspective on media and the direction that media is going. This has been a great semester!Placeholder Image



To start off I thought the James Foley movie was fantastic. It did a great job of making the viewer realize that outside of our bubble, there is some pretty crazy stuff happening in our world today. People like Foley made it possible for people like us to be kept up to date in the most powerful way: visually. Now, of course a piece of writing can also have the same effect on you, but seeing these things speaks volumes more than words. I really do believe in a the saying “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Honestly I disagreed in regards to what the first article said about having a pessimistic approach on speaking about the future of photojournalism. The one argument that I did agree with that he made was that newspaper can get pictures for half the price from freelancers than they normally could get, as well as photojournalism being “junk food” for newspapers and publishing companies. I think by “junk food” he means that photos can potentially take away from the quality of writing that is required for draw that reader in. You relay on a picture or photo to take the pressures off the writers. In regards to the other article, I liked how she took on a more optimistic approach upon the future of photojournalism. I liked how she tried to inspire the student that emailed her and set her into the right direction. More of this is needed in our negative and individualistic society that is created by putting people down and not allowing people to dream crazy dreams and be creative. I feel (much like anything) photojournalism is very opinion based. One person could say you are the best in the world and another may not be able to connect with your work at all.It all depends. But, me being a positive person, I love thinking that I can do anything as long as I put in the work, so I must side with the optimistic viewpoint going forward into the future. Placeholder Image