Elevator Pitch

My elevator pitch experience was a bit different than my classmates. To start off, I thought and still do think it is a great assignment, stressful, but very good and it needs to be done. Being able to pull something off inside one minute is extremely difficult and really is a skill. When giving an elevator pitch, you are not only selling your product, but also yourself. You could have a fantastic idea, but if the people that you are selling it to do not believe in you, then there is really no point. My elevator pitch was given just to our professor instead of in class because I have a bit of a stomach bug as I sit here and write this post. So my experience was sort of like a job interview which I do not want to say is harder, but it is a bit different than pitching to the entire class. I think that having the experience of doing it one on one is important as well as giving it in class. I really enjoyed the assignment and am glad I did it because it got me to attempt to perfect a skill that I thought I already possessed and that is talking to people.



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