Wow. What a sad piece to read. What that woman was going through must have been awful. It is amazing that she was able to fight for as long as she did. Things like this happen once in awhile and sometimes even though the doctors are top notch, sometimes there just isn’t anything more they can do. The doctor doing the surgeries on Mrs.Kelly obviously did everything he could to save her life but those brain surgeries I feel like are the hardest to predict the outcome of. As for the writing of the piece I really can not believe this won the Pulitzer prize. I think to win such a prestigious award it needs to come down to obviously the story that you have, but also the way it was written. Personally, I am not a huge fan of how this was written. I think if it was normally written it would be so much more powerful than how it is structured right now. Obviously it is a very powerful story within itself, but when I was reading it, it come off and felt really choppy to me. I mean I got the story and understood everything, but I think it could have been relied a bit smoother in my opinion. I was really surprised that he decided to write the story and run it still after she died. That was a very shocking move and if I was the family of Mrs.Kelly I am not sure how I would have taken it.


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