When I was reading the assignment I did not believe that this story would have the effect on me like you said it would. Carol I stand corrected. What an unbelievable piece of literature. This is probably the best piece I have read for this class. What struck me after I was finished reading it was that he was able to convey his message in such view words. The piece isn’t very long, but wow, it is very much to the point and definitely does a fantastic job portraying the story to the reader in such a way that the reader felt like they saw this entire thing unfold. Being able to write in such a short and precise manner I think is what makes a writer great and obviously by reading this piece he does that throughout the entire thing. Another thing that I really enjoyed about the story is how he was able to make the reader switch points of view throughout the piece. He was able to bring different people into the story and be smooth when he transitioned from person to person. Tackling many different viewpoints and people while writing a story is very difficult to do and have it come off well. My favorite part had to be the end though. The way he closed out the piece was perfect. It didn’t leave me wanting more or wanting less, it was just the perfect amount of “whatever” you want to call it. The quote from the gravedigger did a fantastic job of bringing the story together and creating a sense of ease throughout the entire piece.


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