Going through and reading what ideas these students came up with are very creative. When I was reading through them, I still thought that my furniture app was still a better idea…but it was really awesome to see young people doing creative things and trying to come up with the next big idea. With all this being said, there are some ideas in the 16 that we as a class went through and I cannot say they were all really great. The two ideas that I thought were the ones in my opinion that I believe to fail first where was the idea with the event attendance and then the idea with the Muggle Quidditch brand. These two ideas to me feel like they are very difficult to tackle. I do not really see the need for either of them as well. When you are planning an event, you already know through discussions with the companies as well as getting and understanding the planning data, a ballpark estimate of how many people will actually show up. Then with the Quidditch brand I think that the market is so small that they are trying to reach that I actually do not see it working out, but I hope I am wrong because I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. The two ideas that really stuck out to me and I believe that they have the chance of doing really well are getting rid of the trash in a sustainable way and the changing of the shipping containers. Sustainability and clean energy are huge topics in our country today, so ideas that challenge the norms of that have the ability to be very successful. As for the shipping container idea I think anytime you can change something for the better, make it more successful, and as well as revolutionize something, obviously you have a chance at making a huge impact on not only your own life, but also, everyone elses, which in fact, is way more important. If you would like to see the article, you can read it here.


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Lean Method

“A business plan is essentially a research exercise written in isolation at a desk before an entrepreneur has even begun to build a product. The assumption is that it’s possible to figure out most of the unknowns of a business in advance, before you raise money and actually execute the idea.” This quote taken from the reading, to me, is the most influential thing I took from the reading. This is so very essential to creating a business and building a certain type of product. The type of product that you have can really be anything, does not have to something you can physically hold, but needs to be something people can use on a day to day basis. I think the lean method takes a very smart approach to this on basically getting feedback on the business or product first hand through potential customers before making any rash decisions that could jeopardize yourself or the business. Another part of the reading that really stayed with me was when he was speaking about the lean model and mentioned that “ customer feedback matters more than secrecy and that constant feedback yields better results than cadenced unveilings.” I think that really putting the customer first, to me, sounds like the smartest way to go when trying to start a business. Kind of like how we watch the video the “TheSkimm” in class. They had a “Skimm Girl” that was their target audience, or target customer that they really did their best to appeal too. This is a very smart move in my opinion, as you can tell by “TheSkimm” that method works very well.



Well I think obviously the story in and of itself is very moving. Really an amazing story to read and should be an inspiration to anyone doing anything, especially athletes. Nate seemed like an amazing kid as well as an amazing athlete. What more could a coach really want? He clearly put the team before himself and really pushed the other guys. That is what makes a team special are kids like that that are completely selfless in what they are trying to accomplish. From a writing standpoint, I thought the writer did a fantastic job telling the story. He made it feel like I knew Nate and the entire family. I thought the biggest thing that made it so compelling was being able to get ahold of his father’s notes that had written all those years. That allowed the story for an unbelievably personal side to the story. Something truly real that the reader can not help but feel attached too. Having an element like that just makes your story 100x more relatable to your audience and readers in my opinion. This type of reporting, wanting the details and paying attention to the details and the ideas to make it a great story, really made it a fantastic story. I learned that paying attention to the details in this piece is something that everyone should look for in there pieces of writing. IMG_2032

Why Write?

Writing to me, and probably a lot of people is an outlet for relief. Being able to put your thoughts down on paper and allowing yourself to analyze them is a very powerful tool in my opinion for self-growth as well as being therapeutic as I said before. Throughout high school and years before, I hated writing. When I say hate, I mean I HATED IT. It also didn’t help that I wasn’t very good at it either. Anyways, I have always been a good speaker. Being able to get my point across to people in a very clear way either personally or in large groups. Finally, my parents sat me down and enlightened me with the fact that the basis of writing is just speaking on paper. Once I heard this, it was like a bomb went off in my head, everything about something I clearly forced myself to dislike was now something that finally made total sense to me. Around the time that this epiphany had happened, I had just gotten my first cell phone. My parents required me to text, and to text a lot. Not really something you hear from most parents, but boy, for some reason this really helped trigger the fire within me to start writing. I started keeping journals and writing for fun about all types of different topics, happy or sad, fun and not so fun. I think the thing that I love about writing now is that I view it as pieces of art. Art can come in different forms and it is all based upon our of morals, ideologies, and preferences we have developed over time. This is one of the reasons I love soccer so much is because of the diversity of the opinions the longer you stay connected within the game, the same holds true for writing. I think my writing has a good basis but I think I could work on transitions a bit more. But then again, that is my opinion and other people who read my work could say something completely differently. When finding a topic or a lead to a story you need to find something that you feel connected with. In my eyes, the best work comes from something you love and are passionate about. When I look for a story or a lead that is the main thing I focus on, I will not be able to deliver my best work I am not connected to it in some shape or form. It has to grab my attention.


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Entrepreneurial Journalism

The piece written by De Marchis to me was very interesting. Although interesting, I felt like I already knew what he was talking about and other people in the class probably felt the same way. The reason I say this is because media and social media in our day in age are changing by the minute. There is always a new ideology or a new social media platform that is coming out and changing how things were done before. On top of that there are new devices coming out everyday that display our content for us whether it be computers, phones, smartphones, etc. I think this is one of the things that pulled me into the Journalism major is that everything is constantly changing and you have to be one to adapt easily to different situations as well as being able to cut your learning curve to almost no learning curve at all. De Marchis’ piece touches on everything that I have spoke about, but the one thing I haven’t touched on was probably the most interesting part of the reading. The very last paragraph in bold which states “Beware of the status quo. Even if you think your business is very solid and protected by high entry barriers look at the Music business lesson and think ahead. Don’t let other disrupt your business, do it yourself. The long term competitive advantage is under attack, look for the next transient competitive advantage.” I think that is piece of advice is the most valuable thing he says  because I believe in the “do it yourself” type of methodology when it comes to starting your own business and in a lot of cases just doing business in general. With taking all of this into consideration of course, entrepreneurial journalism is a very scary thing because of the changes that happen and how quickly everything goes. Being able to make decisions on the fly and work quickly will help entrepreneurial journalist succeed in an ever changing world.


Wrapping it all up

This class really helped me in so many ways this semester. I did not realize it until the end, but the readings and the books we read really resonated with me. I could go through all of the points that I think go farther than this class, but then I would be writing a paper instead of a short blog post. Carol, you do a fantastic job teaching and the best part is you really care and want us to succeed, in and out of the classroom. I do not have any negatives about this course because it really gives a worldly perspective on media and the direction that media is going. This has been a great semester!Placeholder Image


To start off I thought the James Foley movie was fantastic. It did a great job of making the viewer realize that outside of our bubble, there is some pretty crazy stuff happening in our world today. People like Foley made it possible for people like us to be kept up to date in the most powerful way: visually. Now, of course a piece of writing can also have the same effect on you, but seeing these things speaks volumes more than words. I really do believe in a the saying “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Honestly I disagreed in regards to what the first article said about having a pessimistic approach on speaking about the future of photojournalism. The one argument that I did agree with that he made was that newspaper can get pictures for half the price from freelancers than they normally could get, as well as photojournalism being “junk food” for newspapers and publishing companies. I think by “junk food” he means that photos can potentially take away from the quality of writing that is required for draw that reader in. You relay on a picture or photo to take the pressures off the writers. In regards to the other article, I liked how she took on a more optimistic approach upon the future of photojournalism. I liked how she tried to inspire the student that emailed her and set her into the right direction. More of this is needed in our negative and individualistic society that is created by putting people down and not allowing people to dream crazy dreams and be creative. I feel (much like anything) photojournalism is very opinion based. One person could say you are the best in the world and another may not be able to connect with your work at all.It all depends. But, me being a positive person, I love thinking that I can do anything as long as I put in the work, so I must side with the optimistic viewpoint going forward into the future. Placeholder Image

Versatility is Key

Versatility is key. This is a huge part of really any sort of major or job that you get in today’s age. In class we went over a lot of this same material but it was nice to read through it to reiterate the points we have gone over. I really like how in class today we spoke about how in advertising you have to be personal to get products to sell. Like the video from “Mad Men” really showed how to sell products with emotion. “Today, ideas and content must flow furiously at a pulse rate that the digital landscape demands. But that quickening doesn’t obviate some basic truths. We must never lose sight of the importance that quality storytelling and a journalistic mindset have in an ecosystem where there is simply too much content and not enough time.” This was my favorite part of the presentation that we had to read on blueline. I understand it is a bit long but I think it makes total sense and does a terrific job of painting a picture for us on how to sell. Now, what I have spoke about before in this post directly correlates with public relations today. Like we have discussed in class, public relations is basically being able to do a whole bunch of different skills. In today’s age, we are moving towards more of a combination of these different skills and calling them Journalism or Public Relations for example. Being in these types of positions you need to be able to be comfortable with doing everything and anything that a future employer may throw at you. Because at the end of the day, regardless of the circumstances, you have to deliver.IMG_2032

Right or Wrong?

Placeholder ImageI read this piece and I did not know what to think directly after I read it. I’m kind of shocked because this is the sort of story a lot of people do not want to tell, but when it is told, it is a fantastic piece of journalism. After reading it I had a few questions that I tried to reflect on as much as I could.The first question I had was “Did the way the author write the story make it about getting a message across to people about the realness of children dying, or did she make it more about herself?” This I still can not really find an answer to. She seems like a very sweet lady and seems to have her own personal struggles which I believe she thinks gives her an understanding on how to go about this story. The writing style she used allowed me to think that she was writing to promote herself in a way. It seemed like she kind of used the kid to pump up her own journalistic career. The next question I had was “Did the mother and R.J know really what she was doing?” The only I reason I ask this is because given all the stress that is surrounded for them both could definitely create a lapse in how one could think clearly. I’m not sure if this happened obviously but I could definitely believe it if I found out that it would be true.

T.V and Radio

I forgot about this assignment and now I am paying the price. Writing in pain from my wisdom tooth operation this afternoon is proving to be a pretty difficult task if I do say so myself. Regardless of my jaw feeling like someone wacked me over the head with an AP stylebook continuously for 8 hours, I enjoyed the first three chapters of our next book; Blur. Two of the main transformations that lead us to this day and age are definitely in the invention of the Television as well as the Radio. These two pieces of technology were frameworks for modern day business and social digital media that we deal with on an every day and almost every minute basis. Radio sort of set the stage for T.V and then T.V did the same for modern day technology. Radio was the first “true” communication tool that allowed people not only a very “personal” means for getting news and entertainment, but also allowed people to express themselves through the radio. To take this even further, next came the T.V. The T.V set the true standard for modern technology. Personal communication just got even more personal because you can physically see who was talking to you. T.V not only created more of a personal communication flow, but more specifically changed the way products were marketed to the American people. Once the T.V came to the market, huge corporations jumped on this as a new way to sell products and make buying things much for convenient for the consumer. These two pieces of technology paved the way for cellphones, desktop computers, laptops, and economic boosts over the years. Here is an article I found that goes more indepth.IMG_2032