Profile Writing

After reading both of the articles for this week as well as reflecting back on the “Dear Nate” profile piece, I can honestly say I did not know how to write a profile piece until now. I honestly thought that a profile was like an interview, but now I see it as more of a story giving you a look into how someone is or was. A personalized story. I’m taking their words and making into an art piece that is to be enjoyed by other people.

Both pieces I thought were great, but I had a bigger connection with “The American Male at age 10” than the “Mr.Rodgers” piece. The use of imagery and the creativeness that I got from the American Male was fantastic. I could really picture myself as if I was there as well as if I were that kid in the story. I felt like I was experiencing what she was writing first hand and in my opinion, that is exactly what writing or good writers should strive to do. The other piece seemed more like an interview to me. I mean, we are still talking about two fantastically written pieces of writing, just one appealed to me over another. I am very thankful that our assignment to read both of these pieces because I was really in the dark on how to properly write one of these type of pieces.





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